Q1: Are you a factory or trading company ?

A1: Yes,Weare the factory.


Q2: What is DC Fan and AC fan?

A2: DC fan is power by DC voltage,always is 5V 12V 24V 48V60V and72V. 

       AC fan is powerby AC voltage,always is 110V,220V and 380V.


Q3: How to choose a DC fan?

A3:  1size of the fan                  samples:4020 (40*40*20mm)

         2 Voltage                                12V

         3 current                                 0.15A       

         4 speed                                  8000RPM 

         5 airflow                                 8.6CFM 

         6 noise                                   30dBA

         7 bearingtype                             ball or sleeve         

         8 twowire or three wire                   2wire

         9 cablelength                              100mm

         10connector                               molex 2564 

         11function                                FG\RD\PWM\Soft Start ......


Q4: What is the delivery time?

A4:  Sample lead time:3-5 days

      Mass production Delivery lead time: 1 -3 weeks(Dependon the quantity)


Q5: Can youtell me the normal DC fan Model?

A5:  20*20*6mm20*20*10mm,  25*25*10mm,30*30*10mm, 

40*40*10mm 40*40*20mm 40*40*28mm 

50*50*10mm 50*50*15mm 50*50*20mm 

60*60*15mm 60*60*25mm 60*60*38mm   

70*70*15mm 70*70*20mm  70*70*25mm

80*80*15mm 80*80*25mm  80*80*38mm 

92*92*25mm 92*92*38mm  110*110*25mm

120*120*25mm 120*120*32mm 120*120*38mm

150*150*50mm 172*150*51mm 172*51mm

200*200*60mm 220*220*60mm 225*225*80mm

254*254*89mm 280*280*80mm


Q5: What is the fan use for?

A5:  Purifier, intelligent cloud mirror, electric forklift, LEDlighting industry, hand held air detector, Ethernet optical fiber network application,

UAVapplication, smart plane .

Theautomotive industry, high-speed camera, head mounted display, cabinet industry,power industry, electromagnetic oven, humidifier, 3D printers, smart toilet,intelligent household lampblack machine, cleaning mask, projector, VRequipment, intelligent Manicure machine, stage lighting


Q5: Can youtell me the normal AC fan Model?

A5:   80*80*25mm 80*80*38mm 

           92*92*25mm 92*92*38mm 

          120*120*25mm 120*120*38mm 

          150*150*50mm 180*180*60mm

          172*150*51mm 172*150*38mm 

            220*220*60mm 254*89mm